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Ever searched for that medicine that you needed desperately for hours or days without finding it?

Put those dark days behind you. Be part of the digital revolution. Sign up to HealthKer today for free.

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Download the HealthKer app from playstore or apple store and register. You can also Create a new account here as a healthcare Service provider.


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We open up hundreds of possible solutions to your every healthcare need & request

We coordinate with over 1000 healthcare service providers (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, laboratory service, ambulance) so that your healthcare request can be made on your phone or computer.

Secure a customized premium solution to your healthcare needs without moving an inch.

We empower you to be able to book, confirm and pay for whatever healthcare solution you need from the over 1000 healthcare service providers available without actually entering the health facility.

We deliver your healthcare solution with supreme customer service delivery

Seeking healthcare is usually long, tiring and stressful. HealthKer ensures that once you find and pay for your healthcare solution, it is delivered to you in a manner befitting of the royalty that you are.

How it works
As Easy as promised

Download the healthker app or signup at
Place your health request (hospital appointment, medicine, laboratory request, ambulance) to hundreds of facilities
Receive a confirmation on the availability of your request.
Pay for it via MOMO, VISA, Master card
Obtain access to your healthcare need in minutes

What we offer


Find a Drug

So you can know exactly where the medicine you seek is and pay for it.


Locate a health facility

In your moment of need you don’t need to be searching around for a health facility that offers the service you need. With this feature you can locate over 1000 health facilities, see pictures of the facilities and search facilities by the type of service or solution they offer.


Book an appointment

Whether you need a general practitioner, dentist, ophthalmologist, obstetrician, gynaecologist, psychiatrist, cardiologist or any other type of specialist. Choose the date and time you want to see the doctor, pay for it and enjoy premium service such as no queueing when you honor your appointment.


Check Prices

With our patented AI and big data systems we are able to tell you to a very fair certain degree the estimated cost of your healthcare solution. This feature allows you to know how much the different solutions you are considering cost and allow you to prepare financially.


Diagnosis services

Why run around town trying to find a facility that can offer the type of laboratory or diagnostic service you or your loved one needs to undertake. With this service you can find where it can be performed, book an appointment and pay for it.


Request an Ambulance

Nothing screams of emergency more than needing an appropriate vehicle to send your loved one to the health facility. With our ambulance feature, you are instantly connected with over 50 ambulance service providers who will be at your location as quickly as possible.



No matter your needs or pain points, our concierge service can help facilitate and arrange a customized transportation with dedicated support for your needs.


Knowledge Hub

Read and watch videos on a variety of healthcare topics of interest written and produced by healthcare experts.


Promotions & Rewards

Find health facilities that are offering great discounts on certain services and products. This helps you to obtain high quality service without always paying a premium for it.